University Name

The full name of the university should be used in the first reference:

University of Wisconsin-Stout

On second and subsequent references the shortened name should be:

UW-Stout or, in some cases, Stout *

Correct forms:

  • University of Wisconsin-Stout
  • UW-Stout
  • Stout

* Use ‘UW-Stout’ instead of the colloquial ‘Stout’ in all official, non-marketing communications such as memos, press releases and news articles.  

Polytechnic Designation

UW-Stout was officially designated Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University in March 2007 by the UW System Board of Regents. The designation is not a substitute for the UW-Stout official name. Use the designation, without quotation marks, with the first use of the university’s name (University of Wisconsin-Stout), preceded and followed by commas.