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The Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM) advantages.

The Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM) will not only transform the way people apply for unclassified openings, but also revolutionize employee recruitment and hiring processes by enabling electronic routing and approvals, saving time, and reducing the use of paper. This will be done by streamlining and modernizing current processes.

TAM brings a variety of new opportunities to the University of Wisconsin System. Some of these include:

  • State of the art system security which ensures applicant data and reviews are protected.
  • Decreased amount of paper application materials which reduces the chance they could be misplaced or lost due to decentralized paper trails.
  • Streamlined online processes for faster approvals and quicker hiring decisions.
  • Real time applicant status monitoring with the use of applicant tracking.
  • Increased chances of attracting first-rate candidatesby providing an online application process:
  • Many applicants want the ease and convenience of applying online instead of mailing hard copy applications.Mailing paper applications often causes applicants to feel uncertainty because there is no assurance their application will arrive on time.
  • TAM diminishes the opportunity for important documents to get lost or delayed in the mail.It empowers applicants by guaranteeing their application has arrived instantly.
  • Increased transparency for interview and hiring committees when evaluating candidates.
  • Reduces UW's carbon footprint by creating a paperless process for applying.