Severe Weather

In the event of severe weather, the City of Menomonie's warning siren system will be activated. Sound sirens will continue uninterrupted until the threat of severe thunderstorms or tornadoes dissipates. In the event of severe weather, you should take cover in a basement area if at all possible. If you are caught in a room when the storm hits, protect yourself by getting under heavy furniture. In any event, stay away from windows where you may encounter flying glass and other debris. Remain in this location until an all-clear signal is given. Sirens warning of impending severe weather should be obeyed at all times except on the first Monday of each month when the City of Menomonie tests its alarm system.

Severe Weather/Tornado Watch: A watch is an indication of where and when the probabilities are highest that severe weather or a tornado could occur. A watch is a statement that severe weather/tornado conditions are present and could occur. The National Weather Service will issue a watch bulletin to local authorities as will as to the local radio and TV stations.

Severe Weather/Tornado Warning: When a severe weather/tornado sighting occurs, the National Weather Service alerts all weather stations and local authorities, including UW-Stout campus police. If severe weather or a tornado is approaching, the warning will be signaled by a continuous sounding of emergency sirens.

In case of severe weather:

When the emergency warning sirens sound, it is YOUR responsibility to get to shelter. Take a battery operated radio with you to listen for the "all clear" signal. The department of Security and Police Services, if time permits, may telephone the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, University Housing Director, and Computing Center Director. These offices will in turn notify their subordinates. The campus police may also announce the warning via car loudspeakers. When the emergency sirens are sounded, all persons should immediately seek shelter in the nearest strong building. Go to the basement or interior walls of lower floors. Auditoriums, gymnasiums and similar large rooms with wide roofs should be avoided. Stay away from all windows and exterior doors.

Note:  City of Menomonie emergency sirens are sounded at 10:00 a.m. on the first Monday of each month during the months of May through September.

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