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Lofts are provided in all student rooms.  Your loft will give you additional space in your room and has 12 different levels so that you can put it at a height you are comfortable with.  You and your roommate can also set up your beds as bunks, if you prefer that arrangement.  You cannot build any lofts, bunks, or other structures in your room.

The lofts are designed so your bed frame and mattress fit right on top of them.  Please be aware that you cannot remove any beds, mattresses, dressers, desks, or other furniture from your room.

Student rooms are furnished with lofted beds, dressers, desks, chairs, bookcases, closets, carpeting, and blinds. University Housing also furnishes a combination microwave, freezer and refrigerator. Within the state of Wisconsin's safety regulations, students may arrange their rooms as they wish and decorate with the furnishings they prefer.
Each room has approximately 70 channels cable TV service, which includes the major networks, ESPN, MTV, Food Network, and other popular channels, as well as informational and educational channels.

100 Mbps computer data connections are available in every student room at no cost. Wireless connections are available in most locations within and around the halls.

All university furnishings must stay in student rooms, including those rooms occupied as singles. No furnishings affixed to the wall may be removed; included are mirrors, bulletin boards, closets and/or closet curtains, desks, bookshelves, smoke detectors, and electrical fixtures. Freestanding furniture may be moved within the room.

The department is currently phasing in new furniture to the residence halls. In those rooms the desk and hutch (bookshelf is removed from each side) are movable units that must stay in the room. H.K.M.C. and A.F. currently have the new furniture.

Every room consists of the following:
Twin lofted beds with 33" x 80" mattresses
2 dressers
2 closets with an overhead shelf
2 desks with a drawer, light, and chair
2 mirrors
2 bookshelves attached to the walls
2 recycling bins
Sliding window with screen
Microwave, refrigerator, freezer
1 cable jack
2 data jacks (North Hall 1 jack with repeater allowing multiple connection)


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