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hansen_headshot_1H.M. Hansen worked at the Knapp, Stout & Co., Company's sawmill and had 14 years of building trades experience before he came to the Stout Institute as an instructor in 1912. Hansen was also an instructor at the Wharton American Technical School in Wharton, England following World War II.

Hansen was considered a fine craftsman and a skilled cabinetmaker. He taught woodworking, cabinetmaking, and mill writing. Though skilled at handwork, he was outstanding at using woodworking machines to produce high quality work. Hans Hansen retired in 1952.

Hansen Hall was dedicated in 1965.

keith_headshot_1Floyd Keith served as chair of the metals department at Stout for several years. Keith taught welding, sheet metal, foundry, general metals, machine shop and general motor maintenance.

"Pappy", as he was also known, had a strong and sturdy frame. Legends of his strength, skill and terse comments abounded. Students seldom entered his class without their assignments done.

Keith was both a skilled craftsman and a dedicated teacher. Those students who were willing to work received unlimited help from him in order to meet his high standards.

More than one graduate, obtaining a job as a metals teacher and nervous that he might not know enough, received a weekend course from "Pappy" to put the final touches on his preparation.

After 38 years of service, Keith retired in 1960.

Keith Hall was dedicated in 1965. 

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