Hall Government

The floor community is the basis for residence hall representation. For good communication and feedback between a Hall Events Committee (HEC) and a particular residence hall floor, it is necessary to have strong floor members who will voice their floor’s opinions on issues and policies and keep their floor informed of the actions of the Hall Events Committee (HEC).

Each residence hall has its own Hall Events Committee (HEC) which provides programs and services for students and serves as a means for students to have input into hall policies and procedures. The activities of each hall's committee are funded by hall dues which each resident has the option to pay. Activities funded include the purchase of food for floor or hall events as well as recreational items like ping pong tables.

The Hall Events Committee (HEC) is comprised of a board of executive officers elected by the students of the hall, one or more representatives from each floor community, and oftentimes, committee chairpersons.

Hall Events Committees (HECs) are open to anyone in the hall who has ideas about how to improve living conditions or has questions concerning hall policies and procedures.

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For information on hall government please contact your RA or Hall Director.

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