Fleming-Hovlid History

fleming_headshot_1Thomas Fleming started at Stout as an instructor of freshman English and feature writing. His enthusiasm for English and journalism inspired students to meet his high standards. Eventually, he became chairman of the English department.

Fleming later served as the university's director of public relations. He was well suited to that position as an eloquent speaker with a ready wit. Most importantly, Fleming had a sincere interest in helping others which endeared him to many students, faculty and administration officials. Fleming was a faculty member for 16 years before his death at age 36 in a car accident.

Fleming Hall was dedicated in 1962.

hovlid_headshot_1Leonard M. Hovlid grew up in Menomonie and attended the Stout Institute. He later received his bachelor of science degree from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Hovlid taught for two years in Beloit, Wisconsin. He served as director of manual training at the North Division High School in Milwaukee for 26 years.

Hovlid died in 1959, leaving a substantial bequest to the university.

Hovlid Hall was dedicated in 1962.

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