Floor Designation 2014-2015

University Housing provides opportunities for students to live in special communities designed to enhance their living experience.

Alcohol Free

Alcohol Free floors provide a living experience that minimizes the possible negative effects of alcohol. All residents of the community agree not to consume, possess or be under the influence of alcohol while on the floor. To support this community staff will organize Smart + Healthy events. In addition, residents found in violation of this policy will be moved to another floor. 

Alcohol Free floors are; Hansen-4th, Keith-4th, Kranzsch-2nd, Milnes-2nd, Oetting-4th, South-4A Cube, South-3C Cube, South 2A Cube, South-2C Cube.

Quiet Study

Quiet Study floors provide a community where all residents desire to have an overall quieter atmosphere.Residents and guests are expected to observe Quiet Hours beginning at 8:00pm on weeknights, rather than 10:00pm. In addition, throughout the year staff will host study nights and provide information on academic success.

Quiet Study floors are: Curran-4th, Hansen-4th, Keith-4th, Kranzusch-4th, Oetting-4th, South-4A Cube, South-3C Cube.


Wellness floors provide a focus on physical and nutritional wellness and throughout the year staff will organize wellness events and intramural teams.


Wellness floors are: Curran-1st, Chinnock-4th, Keith-4th, Kranzusch-1st, Kranzusch-4th, Milnes-4th, South-3C Cube, South-2B Cube, South-2C Cube, South-1B Cube, South-1C Cube.

Mixed Gender

Mixed Gender floors have both male and female students living on the floor. Roommates are the same gender. Separate restrooms are provided for each gender.

Mixed Gender floors can be found on all floors in McCalmont(AFM) Fleming-Hovlid and Wigen.

Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are designed to connect the classroom with your residence hall living experiences. Students in these communities will take classes together.

Several other students living on the floor may or may not be associated with the living learning community. Yet, all residents are expected to be respectful and tolerant. All floor residents are welcome to attend any of the learning events and activities that are provided within the building.


Art & Design

Art & Design is for art majors who want to develop skills and be inspired by fellow artists.

A cohort of 25 students living on 3rd Milnes & 3rd Chinnock (a floor of 60 students) creates this living learning community that participates in linked classes (Fall: Drawing I & English 101 and Spring: Drawing II &English 102).

Applied Science

This living learning community of applied science first year students will encourage connections with the Applied Science program, the UW-Stout campus, and businesses and organizations of the City of Menomonie.
Students will live on 3rd Curran & 3rd Kranzusch (a floor of 60 students) create this living learning community that participates in one class in the fall (Applied Science Profession I).


ASPIRE is an invited community focused on four different student achievement categories: career, service, leadership, and success.

A cohort of 50-60 participants living on 4th South, B & C Cubes (a floor of 60 students) creates this living learning community that will be connected through the courses of American Government and Strategies for Academic Success.


Engineering is for Manufacturing Engineering or Plastics Engineering majors.Your involvement in this community will allow you to tour area companies, learn about major related student organizations (Society of Manufacturing Engineers and Society of Plastics Engineers), connect with faculty members in your major area, and have fun, too!A cohort of 24 students living on 3rd Tustison & 3rd Oetting (a floor of 60 students) creates this living learning community that participates in linked classes in the fall (Introduction to Engineering Materials & College Chemistry).

Environmental Science

Environmental Science is for all Environmental science majors and will allow students to network with students and faculty in the Environmental Science program. A cohort living on 3rd Curran & 3rd Kranzusch (a floor of 60 students) create this living learning community that participates in these shared classes(Fall classes: Environmental Science Profession, English Composition, Introductory Sociology, Organismal Biology)and (Spring classes: English Composition 102, Biology, Chemistry, Fundamentals of Speech).


Honors is an invited community that is focused on providing Honors Program students with an academic experience within a social atmosphere.A cohort of 105 participants living on 3rd Antrim, 3rd Froggatt, 4th Antrim, & 4th Froggatt (two floors of 120 students) creates this living learning community. Participants work toward completing the requirements of the Honors Program throughout their first year.


OUT@Stout is for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, any other sexual orientation or gender identity/expression and their friends and allies!A cohort of 18 participants living in the garden level of North Hall are invited to various activities and share a course per semester (Fall: SOC/HIST 310 and Spring: Anthropology ANTH 356).

SWAG – Students With A Goal

SWAG (Students With A Goal) is a continuing student living community that welcomes returning students who identify as American-ethnic minority into a program designed to support and encourage students toward successful academic and personal college careers. Student participants must be committed to intercultural leadership development.

Social Justice

Social Justice is designed for students who are interested in learning about and redressing inequalities of social class, race, gender, sexuality, etc.

The courses will draw from the fields of sociology, geography, and philosophy to explore the notion of "the common good" and how to work toward a more just, equitable, and democratic society and world.

A cohort of 20 students living on 3rd Hansen & 3rd Keith (a floor of 60 students) create this living learning community that participates in linked classes each semester (Fall:Anthropology & Introductory Sociology) and (Spring: Social Movements in Global Perspective and Sociology of Health and Illness)

Stoutward Bound

Stoutward Bound is for students who identify as African American, American Indian, Latino/a and/or Asian.This program is unique as students are able to "jump start" their college experience with the early start and then continues for the academic year to provide continuous support for a successful transition to college.A cohort of 40 participants living on 3rd South, A & B Cubes (a floor of 60 students) creates this living learning community that will start classes two weeks prior to the fall semester (General Psychology & Fundamentals of Speech).