The success of student government begins with you. Your active role in working to create a healthy environment for yourself and others is essential to a strong community. Some people discount the role that a helpful, positive person plays in today’s society, but that energy and courage are what gets the ball rolling.

To start, consider being an active member of your floor. Be a part of organizing an activity. Help make banners for people having birthdays and celebrating other events. Be supportive and thank people who you see striving to create a positive floor environment. Be a shoulder for someone to lean on. Take care of yourself, and look for activities that will broaden your knowledge and understanding.

If you’re ready for additional responsibility, look into opportunities for leadership on your floor. Try a floor committee, or consider being the hall government representative from your floor.

Please click on the right for more information on opportunities for you to get involved on-campus.

Here are some links to help you find ways to get more involved on campus:

Residence Hall Association
Hall Government
Involvement & Leadership
Weekends @ Stout
NRHH (Helmuth "Pooky" Albrecht Chapter of National Residence Hall Honorary)

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