Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are always a great thing and we always love answering them. Please look through these selections below to see if an answer has already been posted for your question. If you cannot find what you were looking for please contact us and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible (and maybe even add it here.)!

Q: What items are in my room when I arrive?

A: Please visit our room & loft section for the specifics of what your room contains when you arrive.

Q: I have something that isn't working in my room. Where can I report it?

A: Please visit our on-line facilities request to submit anything from a busted light bulb to A/C installation.

Q: I'm looking for approximate dimensions of my room. Where can I find these?

A: In general our rooms are 11' x 15', but with all things considering room dimensions might vary slightly between rooms. If you are planning on building something for your room we suggest you take measurements once you arrive to alleviate the measure once, cut 100 times syndrome. Please visit our room & loft section for more specifics.

Q: When can I arrive on campus in the Fall of 2014?

A: Move-In Day for the fall semester of 2014 is scheduled for Sunday, August 31st. You will get information in August with a time period of when you can move in, based on your zip code.

Q: When does the hall close during the year for holidays and break?

A: They don't! The halls are open from the start of the semester in the fall until the end of the spring semester.

Q: What are quiet hours and when are they?

A: When you are living in the residence halls you are part of a community. Being part of this community means respecting the lives of others as well as their needs. Though each hall has 24 hour "courtesy" hours meaning that even at 3 in the afternoon on a Saturday if your music is playing so loud that you could possible shake the building off it's foundation, a resident of that building has the right to ask you to turn it down.

In the evening we have "Quiet Hours" which are the same for all floors with the exception of "Quiet Study" floors.

Normal Quiet Hours Sunday - Thursday
10:00pm - 9:00am

Friday - Saturday
12:00 midnight - 10:00am
"Quiet Study" Floor Hours Sunday - Thursday
8:00pm - 9:00am

Friday - Saturday
12:00 midnight - 10:00am

Q: What am I allowed to bring with me to campus?

A: Your room is your home while at school and we encourage you to bring items with you that will make it just that. Suggested items to bring include TV, couch/futon, room decorations (i.e. pictures, posters), lighting, storage devices, etc. Please visit our room & loft section for the specifics of what your room contains when you arrive.

Q: What am I not allowed to bring with me to campus?

A: Items that are not allowed to be kept in your room include fire arms, explosives, paraphernalia, pets (other from fish), and cooking items with exposed elements (i.e. toasters).

Q: Do I need Ethernet cable?

A: Wireless access is available in all buildings. Each room is also equipped with a wired ethernet connection. Wired connections provide a direct connection versus sharing a wireless access point. If you are into gaming and/or other activities where significant transfer of data is required you will probably want to bring an ethernet cable to connect to the network.

Q: Got any advice about living in a dorm?

A: There are tons of resources out there that discuss different aspects of residence hall living. We suggest you investigate as a resource for more information.

Q: I have tons of questions about what college is all about?

A: Beginning college is a giant step in your life. Please take a look at Oklahoma State's College Prep 101 site for information on making your transition easier while avoiding some of those bumps in the road.

Q: What insurance options do I have here on-campus?

A: We encourage you to investigate what coverage options your parent or guardian has available through their insurance company. Many plans allow them to extend coverage to items within your residence hall room for an additional fee.

Medical insurance options are available as well and can be found on the Student Health Services web site.

Q: I am interested in a single room, what are the procedures for attaining one?

A: A limited number of single rooms are available on campus. Students are assigned singles based on availability and published priority. If you are interested in a single room, stop by the University Housing Office (170 Price Commons) or call 715-232-1121 for more information.

Q: Can you give me some direction on getting along with my roommate?

A: We sure can! Living in a cube with another person can seem like the hardest thing in the world but believe us, you'll make it and learn something about yourself in the process.

Visit our Getting Along with Your Roommate section for more information.

Q: How does the roommate selection process work? Can I choose one? What happens if I don't know anyone to live with?

A: You may choose your roommate. If you do not have a specific roommate preference, the Department of University Housing will pair you with someone who indicates similar habits and lifestyle preferences. In particular, study and sleeping habits and neatness are criteria used in assigning roommates. The University Housing Staff will provide opportunities for you and your roommate to get acquainted. Students are allowed to change rooms and/or roommates as preferences and lifestyle habits change and as living space becomes available. You will be notified of your room assignment and roommate's name and home address by mid-June.

Q: I have a guest who is going to stay the night, what is the policy?

A: Every overnight guest must register with the desk. Each roommate may check-in one guest for a total of 4 people to a room.

Q: I hear people talk about a housing contract being due. What is this?

A: The housing contract is a yearly contract you sign to live in the residence halls. Just like an off-campus lease or a business contract, it is a legally binding document that is required if you plan to live on campus. You will receive information through email as well as your campus mailbox when contract time is coming up for the following year.

Please visit our contract information section for more details.

Q: I'm not getting along with my roommate, what can I do?

A: Attending college and living on-campus is one giant change for a lot of people, living in an 11x15 room with another person for 9 months of the year. We do our best to place you with someone that matches your learning and social styles based on your preference card but from time to time things just don't work out. Our RA's are trained to help you through possible roommate issues and we encourage you to try to work through them before making a change. If in the end you still cannot make it work, talk with your RA and Hall Director to find out what options are available to you. We strive to create a great environment for everyone that stays in our halls.

Q: What dining options are available to me on-campus?

A: University Dining maintains two dining halls on either end of campus to support students living in the residence halls. On north campus the dining facility is located in North Point and in Price Commons on south campus

University Dining also has facilities located the student center as well as expressway locations in the academic buildings. Please visit the University Dining Services web site for more information.

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