Break Employment

Position Description

During break periods of the academic schedule there will be a student staff member on duty 24 hours-a-day, for each North & South campuses.  Each day involves between 10 or 12 hours of desk work and walking rounds inside and outside of the residence halls.  All desk phones are forwarded to one cell phone and the worker would be the contact person for that campus.  Working desk and making rounds could be interrupted to handle other situations that require immediate assistance.  A partial list of interruptions would include: security violations and/or door alarms; hazardous materials; resident lockouts; checking a resident into or out of a room; resident having trouble entering building with ID; hall policy or law violations.  Less immediate items would not interrupt desk hours but could be accomplished when rounds reach that specific building.

Shifts would range from 4 to 8 hours long, depending on the schedules and number of students interested in working.  Pay rate for the position would be $10.55 per hour.  Break staff selection will be based on availability and work experience.


Important Dates

  • Friday, October 31st @ 6:30 PM - Applications Due
  • Monday, November 3rd - Notification of Employment
  • Tuesday, November 4th by 5:00 PM - Employment Accept/Decline Deadline
  • Sunday, November 23rd @ 8 PM - Thanksgiving Break Staff Training
  • TBA - Winter Break Staff Training

Please download the following job application [PDF] and turn it in to 170 Price Commons by Friday, October 31st by 6:30 PM.

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