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Undergraduate students are sent a housing packet in the mail after they have been admitted to the university. Assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is to your advantage to send your housing contract and $125 prepayment to us as soon as possible. Specific instructions on how to complete the application are included with the packet.

Assignments are made at the end of the April, and students are sent their room assignment and roommate information the end of May. Contracts received after that time are assigned as time and spaces permit.

In order to enhance the academic success of freshman students, UW-Stout has a "First Year Experience" (FYE) program. The FYE program enhances the educational experience of first year students by involving the faculty more closely in the halls, sponsoring more academic activities and workshops, and through other initiatives all designed to help students succeed. This FYE program will be located on South campus in AF, CK, TO, HK, MC, and South Halls. In addition, they will have a choice of other living options. Please take time to read through this information prior to making your decision on the housing preference card.

Contact Priority

University Housing gives priority for residence hall reservations to students in the following order:

  1. Continuing residence hall students and new students.  Specific published deadlines must be honored by the student or priority for accommodations is lost.
  2. Continuing off campus students or freshman or sophomore classification who were not accommodated the academic term due to lack of residence hall space.
  3. Continuing off campus students who lived on campus for their freshman and sophomore years, then chose not to renew a residence hall contract but now wishes to live in a residence hall once again.
  4. Continuing off campus students and re-entry students who, at any time, were granted a contract release or an exemption from the freshman/sophomore residence hall requirement.

Consideration will not be given to students in categories 3 and 4 until the Department determines that students in categories 1 and 2 have had reasonable opportunities to secure residence hall space.


Semester costs are:

(contract is for entire year)

2014-2015 Rates Per Semester

Double Room:
Double Remodeled Room:
Single Room:
Single Remodeled Room:
Triple Room:
Triple Remodeled Room:

Basline Plans
Board Fee
Baseline Funds
Basline plan information is available at: click here.

Single Room Information

A limited number of single rooms and suite rooms available on campus.  Students are assigned singles based on availability and published priority.  If you are interested in living in the new suites or in a single room, you will indicate your desire when you complete your preference card.  We will assign you to a room based on your room type ranking and the type of room available.  Freshman and sophomores are not eligible for a suite.

Downloadable Contracts available on our forms page.

adobePDF_1    Adobe Acrobat reader is needed to view our forms.  Download the most current version

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