Conduct Appeal Form

Appeals may only be made in accordance with the following section of the University Housing Conduct System: Appeal must be submitted within 5 five business days of the date on the decision letter.

Student may only make 1 appeal per incident

An appeal of a Hall Director hearing, will be conducted by the Peer Review Board. An appeal of a Peer Review Board hearing, will be conducted by the University Housing Administrative Hearing Board. An appeal of an University Housing Administrative Hearing Board hearing, will be conducted by a University Housing central office staff member.

  1. If you are appealing a decision based on severity of sanction, state why you feel the sanction was too severe.

  2. If you are appealing because you have NEW evidence, list any NEW evidence that has been discovered and was unavailable during the original Conduct hearing.

  3. If you are appealing because your rights were not honored state which specific right and why/how it was not honored


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