Fumes and Vapors

  • Toxic fumes can infiltrate into or though a building from various sources---improperly stored chemicals, faulty refrigeration, equipment fires, gasoline engines operated near air intakes, etc.
  • If the presence of toxic fumes are suspected, the area or areas affected should be evacuated. Use a telephone away from this area and always call 9-911 if it is an emergency, or X-2200 (Physical Plant) if is not an emergency. If it is during business hours call X-2222 and have an university police officer notified.
  • Ventilate the contaminated area
It may be possible to clear an affected area by opening windows and/or activating exhaust fans, provided such action is undertaken by trained personnel.
  • Emergency Treatment:
    • Don't endanger yourself or others
    • Remove victims from area only if safely possible
    • Call 9-911 for Police/Ambulance Services
    • Assist victims as necessary