John's Experience

Graduate Program: Training and Development

Why did you choose UW-Stout?
I chose to attend Stout for my graduate degree because I had received my undergraduate degree here and really enjoyed the time I spent on campus and within the community.

What was your favorite part of your first semester of graduate school?
Hearing the experiences my professors had from their time working in the training and curriculum development industries.

Was graduate school anything like you imagined it to be when you first started?

No, it was not nearly as difficult as I had imagined, but still required a lot of work and dedication.

What was the biggest surprise about graduate school?
The difference between good and great teachers, how much the great teachers cared about what they taught, something that seems more rare in the undergraduate classrooms.

How has your program shaped you life and career goals?
It has helped with my current job where I am required to train others when they are hired or promoted to a different position.

What is one piece of advice that you wish you had received before starting graduate school?
Pay close attention to how many credits you take and plan to spend more time completing research and preparation for your classes.

What opportunities have been presented to you because of your program?

I have had the luxury to work with an interesting organizational at the regional level, and have already applied much of what I have learned in the real world.

How would you describe the UW-stout campus?

Relaxing, laid back environment with helpful staff and faculty. The campus always looks nice and inviting, plus it is small so you do not feel lost when walking around.

John Wasson


"The campus always looks nice and inviting, plus it is small so you do not feel lost when walking around."