Alexander's Experience

Program: Career and Technical Education

Concentration: Teaching/Administration

Why did you choose UW-Stout?
UW-Stout is a unique institution of higher learning that has a name in my country (Nigeria). I chose UW-Stout because of the quality I saw in some of her alumni who taught me at high school and in college.

Looking back at your first semester of graduate school, what was your favorite part?
My favorite part was the collaborative teaching method.

Was graduate school anything like you imagined it would be when you first started?
knew graduate school work will be so demanding, but the fun that accomplish(es) with the work you do, makes one not to feel the stress as such.

What was the biggest surprise about graduate school?
Discovering new ideas every day as you keep researching and updating.

How has your program shaped your life and career goals?
My program has really built up my career goals with an ambition to go further in my studies.

What is one piece of advice that you wish you had received before starting graduate school?
You can achieve to any level as long as you work hard for success.

What opportunities have been presented to you because of your program?
Making use of the available resources on ground, both inside and outside the classroom learning environment.

How would you describe the UW-Stout campus?
It is one of the most peaceful, loving, organized and friendly campuses I have ever known of with outstanding academic and non-academic staff, and laboratory/workshop equipment that facilitates learning.

Alexander Ogundele

Alexander Ogundele

"My program has really built up my career goals with an ambition to go further in my studies."