The Graduate School Experience

Maureen CochranMaureen Cochran

"Stout takes a different approach to learning by creating a hands-on environment, providing students with experiential learning. When I completed my programs, I had a resume full of full-scale research projects that I worked on as a part of a class, practicum, internship or work experience at Stout."
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Jenna JohnshoyJenna Johnshoy

"I have become a lot more politically, environmentally, and socially engaged as a result of the projects we completed and organizations we worked with. The program provided me with real-world experience that allowed me to get a job very easily after graduation, even in a poor economy."
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Natasha LemlerNatasha Lemler

"I did not realize it until my first (and last!) job interview how advanced my competencies were. When the interviewer learned I was at the time only an intern, she was impressed beyond belief. I am still in that job to this date and still hear from my coworkers and supervisors how great Stout graduates are."
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Tricia ThompsonTricia Thompson

"I graduated feeling confident in what I know and how I can make a real difference in the lives of people with disabilities. The professors instilled within me the confidence to believe in myself and the change I can make. I know I will take this confidence and rely on it with all of my future endeavors."
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Alexander OgundeleAlexander Ogundele

"My program has really built up my career goals with an ambition to go further in my studies."

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