Nicole Trickett

Why did you choose to be a part of the College of Education, Health and Human Sciences?
I chose ECE/ECSE mainly because of the specific age group it covers. I love that young children have a natural thirst for learning no matter where they come from. I love the idea that i can be that person who can introduce them to new experiences and ideas that they've never seen or done before. Watching their little faces filled with awe and excitement is the best feeling!

Why is this such a great Program and how does it differ from other Universities similar degrees?
UW-Stout's ECE program differs from many other programs in that it's a small community of learners who are striving towards the same goal through many hands on experiences, small group discussions and projects. I believe that is what makes this school so special. The faculty and students are constantly working together to create the best lessons, projects, learning experiences, and environments for us as students as well as for OUR students out in the field.

What is something you truly love about this major?
I love the small class sizes (around 20 per class) and the small group of faculty. It provides a wonderful opportunity for each and every student to build a personal relationship with each and every faculty member. The faculty takes a genuine interest in everyone in class and clearly wants you to succeed.

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