McKenzie Scoville

Why did you choose to be a part of the College of Education, Health and Human Sciences?
I chose Human Development Family Studies after I realized I wanted to be an adoption specialist, this career falls under this major. I love how much of a helping profession HDFS is, and I have always been someone who wanted to be in a helping profession.  I admire everyone in the helping profession, and look up to them as true role models.

Why is this such a great Program and how does it differ from other Universities similar degrees?
Stout has such a great HDFS program compared to other universities because of the small classroom sizes, and the professors. The professors truly make a huge impact; they are so caring and very helpful to each and every one of their students. The classroom sizes as well make a huge impact, having smaller class room sizes gives me a huge advantage.

What is something you truly love about this major?
All of the volunteer work that goes towards my major is extremely rewarding. Volunteering with all of the children and elderly individual is very inspiring and a gives everyone a heart-felt feeling.

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