Cody VanDenHeuvel

Why did you choose to be a part of the College of STEM?
I chose to be a part of STEM for its outstanding numbers and great co-op/internship opportunities for student's.

Why is this such a great Program and how does it differ from other Universities similar degrees?
The classroom setting is very hands-on the professors in packaging are all very personable. Packaging differs here at UW-Stout than any other UW school because we're the only UW school that offers this program.

What is something you truly love about this major?
I love that for how large the industry is, it's actually very small. I love the job placement percentages that come from this major and the being able to go to class or work every day and enjoying what I do. It's a great feeling knowing I'll be graduating with a degree I love and one that will be able to support me.

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