Andrew Einberger

Why did I choose to be a part of the College of Management?
I always knew I wanted to be in the business industry and that it would be something I could excel at. The industry has so many choices and opportunities so I knew it would be a great program to be a part of.

Why is this such a great Program and how does it differ from other Universities similar degrees?
I was actually set on going to UW-La Crosse, but the main reason why I decided to go to Stout was because their business program was a way better fit for what I wanted. UWL made you choose a certain part of business such as just Marketing or Accounting where Stout has a program where you get educated in all aspects of business, which will give me an upper hand when looking for a career.

What is something I truly love about this major?
I really like the hands on program that Stout provides and I love how much group and team work we have. It really is relatable to what we will be doing once we are in our careers.