Fall 2020 Freshman General Education Cohort

Not sure about your next steps for this fall? We hear you.
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We know how important that first semester of college is for incoming freshmen, and we don’t want the current pandemic environment to lessen that experience for you.

The goal of this GE Cohort is to allow students completing their first semester of coursework remotely the same opportunities around transitioning to college as those participating face-to-face instruction at Stout so they can return to face-to-face instruction later at the same level of experience as their peers. 

Specific emphasis will be placed on sustained collaboration through multiple electronic means that will create a strong sense of connection and belonging between individual students, their classmates, and their instructors across the cohort. 

The cohort will include activities such as:

  • a pre-semester information session and follow up integrated during the academic year 
  • frequent one-on-one meetings with instructors throughout the semester
  • group assignments and virtual community building activities for students to connect
  • virtual orientation and support beyond the “classroom” with courses linked to different campus resources, activities, and services
  • learning how to approach independent learning, self-motivation, scheduling time for classes and other activities

That’s why we’ve assembled this special cohort for incoming freshmen who aren’t ready to move into a major program this fall and instead want to pursue general education courses like these online:

  • ENGL-101 Composition 1
  • COMST-100 Fundamentals of Speech
  • STAT-130 Elementary Statistics
  • HIST-210 Modern World History
  • ICT-103 Information and Communication Technologies
  • POLS-210 American Government

Unlike many other online general education course offerings out there, these courses were specifically selected because they are impactful in an online format and are taught by instructors who excel in teaching online. You will also be part of a select group of students who will receive additional assistance in adapting to online learning and building a community with other peers in the program to help recreate some of what makes a first semester so special.

The eStout Advantage

The eStout laptop program supports UW-Stout's digital learning environment and ensures eligible students have a standard set of tools — hardware and software — to meet their online learning needs.

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