Kris Recker

Instructor, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Design Department
College of Arts, Communications, Humanities and Social Sciences

Office: 228 Applied Arts
Phone: 715-232-2557

Teaching Interests: In retrospect, my teaching philosophy has developed from three quite different experiences: 1. Exposure as a graduate student to a wide range of instruction quality and consideration of the personal characteristics, professional conduct, student relationships, expectations and techniques that were exemplified by these instructors; 2. Practicing as a professional planner and designer, thereby understanding the reality of professional expectations regarding quality, craft, personal responsibility, behavior and competition; 3. Practicing as a full-time instructor at the UW-Stout Department of Art and Design, tempering the assumptions and conclusions drawn from (1) and (2) with a dose of reality. Nonetheless, the essence of my teaching philosophy is as follows: I believe that students rarely rise above the EXPECTATIONS set by an instructor. With that, I believe that as an instructor, I MUST set my expectations at a HIGH LEVEL, introduce students to these expectations on the first meeting day, and remind them of these expectations on a frequent basis, establishing a consistency from "day 1". I believe that an instructor should strive to inspire and to draw out a student’s "best effort and best product", recognizing that there will be instances where a student’s "best" may not be enough to indicate professional potential, a situation demanding honesty and sensitivity. • I believe that as an instructor, one of my primary objectives should be to nurture the development of CRITICAL and INDEPENDENT thinking skills, instilling a sense of personal RESPONSIBILITY, prompting students to understand that THEY are the navigators of their own success or failure. • I believe that as an instructor, I am responsible for EXEMPLIFYING the characteristics that I demand of my students: timeliness, organization, craft, respect for others and oneself - in essence, a professional attitude, presentation and personal behavior. I believe that my curriculum must develop students’ skills across ALL FACETS of COMMUNICATION - graphically, verbally and in the quality of written material. I believe that a designer with a deficiency in any of the three facets of communication is professionally disabled. • I believe that as an instructor, I am responsible for providing students with CONSTRUCTIVE CRITIQUES of their work, in a timely fashion able to improve the development of further work. believe that critiques should discuss both the positive and negative, MUST be pointed without becoming demoralizing. • I believe that as an instructor I am responsible for catering to the assumption that a successful designer is very much a product of EXPOSURE TO GREAT DESIGN. To conclude, I believe that as an instructor, it is also my responsibility to inject a "FUN FACTOR" into the classroom I coursework, never sacrificing discipline and respect. Without suggesting to students that design is painless, I believe that the effects of a "fun factor" on morale and enthusiasm are well worth the extra effort.

Research Interests: Currently conducting preliminary discussions with program personnel regarding development of a "Green" Resource Library as part of the interior design resource lab. Conventional interior materials, finishes and construction processes are major contributors of toxins in interior environments. The objective through development of this lab, is to expose students of interior design to alternative processes and products as well as principles of environmental/social responsibility in design. Seeking to establish an interdisciplinary cooperative arrangement with the construction and industrial design programs in development of this lab. This idea is in its incubation.


    • M.Arch/M.U.P
      University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
      Milwaukee, WI, United States, 1993
    • BS Environment, Textiles & Design
      University of Wisconsin-Madison
      Madison, WI, United States, 1989

Work Experience

    Academic - Post-Secondary

      • University of Wisconsin-Stout, Department of Art and Design
        August 1997 -


      • Cedar Corporation
        Planner and Community Development
        July 1996 - September 1997
      • Boffa Miskell Limited
        Urban and Landscape Designer
        April 1995 - May 1996
      • Johnson Controls Institute for Environmental Quality in Architecture (JCIEQA)
        Project Coordinator
        January 1994 - April 1995
      • Planning and Design Institute, Inc. (POI)
        Design Associate
        May 1991 - April 1995



      UW Stout

      • Committee Chair, Publicity Committee (1997 - 1998)


    • Grant Author, Dunn County livable Communities Initiative ("the Initiative") (November 1997)