TRIO Talent Search Announcements for Menomonie

Menomonie High School 

ETS is in the NEW Library during renovations!


Upcoming events for Seniors:

Next Senior meeting: April 7 during ELT

Financial Aid season is here. Be sure to get your FAFSA done sooner rather than later.

If you need assistance, just ask.

Upcoming events for Juniors:

Next Junior meeting: March 24 during ELT

There are many trips coming in the near future: See Mrs. Hausler for permission slips.

Don't miss out on opportunities to visit campuses and enjoy educational and cultural events.


Menomonie Middle School

Did you know there are things you can do TODAY to prepare for college? For starters, read often, get involved in activities, and explore your interests. Mr. Emerson will work with you on study skills, personality assessments and career exploration- all of which will help you start planning your future!

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Begin your UW Application 

- for 2-year & 4-year campuses

- complete fee waiver form after submission

Begin your CVTC application

Begin your WITC application

Check out UW schools

Register for the ACT - ask Mrs. Hausler for a fee waiver

Get your FAFSA PIN

Start the FAFSA

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