Past Events



Fostering a Collegial Environment: Guidelines for the Department Chair
Robert Cipriano, Ed,D, Online Seminar

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7/31NSF Grant Focus Group

The Speech Police: Campus Speech Codes, Free Speech, and Academic Freedom
Adam Kissel, VP of Programs, FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education)


Fostering a Culture of Academic Rigor and Integrity: A Workshop Event at

Joan Thomas, Dean of Students
Renee Howarton, Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center
Elizabeth Buchanan, Center for Applied Ethics
Laura Schmidt, Department of Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science
Kate Thomas, U.S. History, Social Sciences



Premiere Event for the film Buried Prayers
Steven Meyer, Director / Producer

Schedule of Events
5:30 PM - 8:30PM
Mable Tainter Center for the Arts, Menomonie, WI


Moral Development Focus Group

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Harvey Hall

3/7 - Reading Group Seminar Series
Selected Reading will be The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot
The UW System Institute of Race and Ethnicity ha awarded the Center funding for the books.



Ethics in University-Community Partnerships: Understanding the Impact of
Intergroup Conflict

*PowerPoint Presentation

Dr. Susan Staggs, Psychology, UW-Stout


Responsible Management of Students of Concern on a University Campus:
Balancing Campus Safety with Individual Rights

Joan Thomas, Dean of Students, UW-Stout
Deb Shefchick, Associate Dean of Students, UW-Stout
Lisa Walter, Director of University Police, UW-Stout
Ann Hoffman, Assistant Director of University Housing, UW-Stout
John Achter, Director of Counseling Center, UW-Stout



Ethics of Processed Food and its Impact on Nutrition and Health

Dr. Kerry Peterson, Registered Dietitian, Food and Nutrition Department, UW-Stout
Dr. Hans Zoerb, Food Scientist, Food and Nutrition Department, UW-Stout
Dr. Carolyn Barnhart, Food and Nutrition Department, UW-Stout 


Case Studies in Business Ethics

Gene Gutman, Program Director, B.S. Supply Chain Management, UW-Stout



Diversity and

Examine the need for diversity education as an ethical imperative
Inclusive Excellence FAQ
Effective Practices for Academic Leaders
Beyond Magical Thinking: Doing the REAL WORK of DIVERSIFYING our Institutions

Dr. Richard Tafalla, Assistant Vice Chancellor, UW-Stout


Octomom: Ethical Problems in the Nadya Suleman Case
Discussion of three ethical problems associated with the Suleman case.
*PowerPoint Presentation

Dr. Janette M. Hare, Professor, Human Development & Family Studies, UW-Stout


Advocating for Victims of Violent

Co-Sponsored with: Undergraduate Psychology Program, Psychology Department and Multicultural Student Services

Monica Jordan


Study and Benevolence: What's A Teacher To

Discussion around how educators need to reclaim themselves and assert their authority, returning to their original calling!

Dr. Alan Block, Professor, School of Education, UW-Stout 


Real World Forensic Psychology
Co-Sponsored with: Psi Chi, Dr. Ed Biggerstaff, Psychology Program Director and SSA

Kelly Wilson, PSYD, LP


Ethics in Banking - Select Current

Current issues with the mortgage crisis, financial markets and duties of shareholders

Dale R. Granchalek, JD, Chicago, IL 


Wisconsin Ethics Symposium: Ethics in the Workplace

9am - 4:30pm
Great Hall, Memorial Student Center

Schedule of Events


Corporate Personhood: The Ethical Dilemmas
"Should corporations be treated as if they were human beings?
*PowerPoint Presentation

Mary Jurmain, Realityworks, Inc. 


Ethics and Business Leadership-Understanding Today
to Prepare for Tomorrow

Explore and discuss ethics contrasting and comparing current beliefs and attitudes about leadership from the perspective of theorists such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

Renee Surdick, College of Management, UW-Stout

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Buried Prayers


The Speech Police