Goals and Objectives

The Center for Applied Ethics (CAE) operates in accordance with the goals and principles of the University of Wisconsin-Stout.  As a non-crediting institution, the Center supports academic endeavors across campus.

University Goal: Offer high quality programs and resources that influence and respond to a changing society.
CAE Goal: provide resources, workshops, curricular infusion to all colleges and departments that reflect diversity, research, theory and best practices in ethics education.
*Offer Ethics Across the Curriculum Workshops for all Stout members
*Offer College or departmental specific workshops on ethics infusion models
*Participate in UW-Stout academics through guest lectures and public lectures
*Host reading and discussion groups around current ethical issues

University Goal: Promote excellence in teaching, research, scholarship and service.
CAE Goal: Advance educational scholarship and research at the university, local, state, national and international levels.
*Engage in systematic research around moral development and ethics education
*Disseminate scholarly work through publication and presentation
*Write grants for research, projects, and program support
*Participate in UW-Stout academics and social events through guest lectures and public lectures
*Develop campus-wide resources for ethics education and applied ethics issues across disciplines
*Engage outside scholars and researchers for collaborative projects and resource sharing
*Issue a CAE newsletter twice a year (electronically)

University Goal: Foster a collegial, trusting and tolerant campus climate.
CAE Goal: Foster a climate of respect and tolerance.  Allow diversity of opinions and beliefs to be heard.