Center Highlights

Center Mission

The Center's primary mission is to increase & enhance ethics across the campus community through:

• Undergraduate Certificate Program (Spring 2014) • Grants and Research Participation
• Workshops• Mentoring
• Consultations
• Research Opportunities
• Ethics Faculty Scholars• Student Internships
• Master's Students Thesis Advisement 


Center Services and opportunities offered to Stout departments, faculty, staff and students:

  • Ethics workshops and webinars on:
    • Fundamentals of ethics education
    • Assessment approaches
    • Ethical decision making
    • Disciplinary-specific case study training
    • Academic integrity and plagiarism
    • Research ethics and RCR training
    • Professionalism and collegiality
  • CAE new/revised course development guidance:
    • Assistance with General Education Category F development
    • Assistance with ethics accreditation standards 
  • Guest lectures in undergraduate or graduate level courses on ethics-oriented topics
  • Professional ethics consultations with departments or individuals