Academic Integrity

University of Wisconsin-Stout Academic Integrity Working Group

The UW-Stout Academic Integrity Working Group represents all members of the UW-Stout community.  It supports students, faculty and staff to promote standards of excellence in academia through professional development, resources, and networking.  The Working Group endorses a culture of academic integrity and rigor across all all campus activities and encourages the highest standards of professional integrity.


Enhance cultural environment/cultural shift on campus regarding academia and professionalism

  • Student Culture - Increase interest in & knowledge of academic professionalism expectation at the college-level; help students understand scholarly culture (beliefs, values, expectations, customs, etc.)

Explore student's understanding, adaptation and authentic engagement of a "scholarly culture" (such as foreign exchange experience) with its conceptualized history, values, customs, language, assumptions and expectations

Faculty and Staff Culture - Develop a faculty and staff culture (beliefs, values, attitudes, actions)

  • Supports a culture of academic rigor/professionalism
  • Honors academic freedom
  • Recognizes the interdependent responsibilities of faculty and students dealing with plagiarism
  • Identifies available preventative strategies and resources
  • Identifies needed infrastructural support for faculty