Engineering & Technology Strategic Plan

Since January, 2000, the Engineering & Technology Department at University of Wisconsin-Stout has developed a strategic plan to assist in improving their instructional delivery in support of technology based programs.

Strategic Plan: Vision Statement

Excellence in innovative, laboratory based technology and engineering programs that is recognized by national and international industry.

Strategic Plan: Key Success Indicators

The following measures of success will be utilized:

Student Success:
  •     Alumni surveys (one and three years), 5 years ?
  •     Employer surveys (three years)
  •     Exit interviews (at graduation)
  •     Placement Web based follow-up surveys ??
  •     Certifications
Faculty Performance:

  •     Accreditation process
  •     Retention/promotion (personnel)
  •     Post tenure reviews
Industrial Relations:

  •     $ donations (growth chart)
  •     Advisory committee (feedback) (cross section of industry) (active)
  •     High placement rate
  •     Employer satisfaction
  •     Increase # of equipment consignments (packaging)
  •     Cooperative course content (applied projects, speakers, course evaluations)
  •     Industry survey

  •     Curriculum feedback
  •     ABET
  •     PRC (Internal Review)
  •     UW System Joint Review (five year for new programs)
Maintain Department SCH Target:

  •     Strategies to accomplish above
Strategic Plan: Values and Beliefs

We Value:

  •     Industry involvement
  •     Applied research that supports/enhances instruction
  •     Continuous professional development and lifelong learning
  •     Sharing of expertise
  •     Involvement in university activities (governance, leadership, etc.)
  •     Outreach/training that supports the technical needs of society
  •     Participation in professional organizations
  •     Excellence in teaching
  •     Enhancement of theoretical instruction through extensive laboratory experiences
  •     Access to leading edge technology and labs
  •     Graduates that possess a foundation in math, science, technology and communication
  •     The application of the analytical approach to problem solving
  •     Ethical decision making which includes:
  •     Safety
  •     Environment
  •     Human/Interpersonal
  •      Academic
  •      Integrity
  • Commitment to students:
  •     Advising/Mentoring
  •     Role Modeling
  •     Teamwork
  •     Honesty and openness
  •     Professionalism