A - Outstanding achievement relative course requirements.
B - Achievement significantly above meeting course requirements.
C - Achievement meeting all aspects of course requirements.
D - Achievement worthy of credit but failing to meet fully all course requirements.
S - Satisfactory achievement equivalent to at least a "C-".
F/N - Failure (or no credit) signifying work was either (1) completed but an achievement level not  worthy of credit or (2) was not completed and there was no agreement between the instructor and  the student that the student would be awarded an I.
I - Incomplete assigned at discretion of the instructor when, due to extraordinary circumstances  (family death, serious illness, military service, employment conflicts, hospitalization, and the like)  student detailing work needed to complete to receive a grade.

ESLI Course Grading

Course grades will be assigned on the following basis:

92-96% C+ 79-81%D67-69%
88-91% C 76-78%D-61-66%
B 85-87% C- 73-75%F60% or less

Moving Up the ESLI Levels

Promotion from one level to the next within ESLI will be based on a combination of three factors: grades, teacher recommendations, and exit test scores (if applicable). Undergraduate students must perform at a 76 percent correct level to pass all ESLI courses; graduate students must perform at an 87 percent correct level to pass all ESLI courses

Academic Probation and Dismissal Policy

If students fail 1-3 ESLI courses in a quarter, they will be put on academic probation by the ESLI Program Coordinator. Students will be notified in writing when they are placed on probation. While on probation, the student’s work will be monitored by the ESL Program Coordinator and the student’s ESLI instructors, and reviewed monthly.

If students again fail 1-3 ESLI courses in the following quarter, they will be placed on probation again and given a two-month notice of dismissal from the ESLI program.  If students again fail 1-3 ESLI courses for a third consecutive quarter, they will be dismissed from the ESLI program for at least one semester after which they can re-apply for admission to the ESLI Program.  Students will be notified in writing at the time of their dismissal.

Students may appeal their dismissal status to the UW-Stout Office of International Education Appeal Committee, if they feel that they experienced circumstances so unusual and out of the ordinary that their academic performance was significantly and temporarily impacted. Students will receive information about the appeals process in writing at the time of the dismissal.