Welcome to UW-Stout’s English as a Second Language (ESL) Institute. This ESL program offers year-round English immersion courses to non-native English speakers who would like to communicate more effectively and improve their performance in their professional, academic and personal lives. 

UW-Stout's ESL Institute offers:

  • Conditional Admission for degree seekers
  • Small class sizes (20 or fewer students)
  • Campus-wide wireless Internet access
  • Personal laptop computer provided by UW-Stout
  • Conversation partner program
  • Free tutoring services 
  • Friendship family program
  • On-campus housing
  • Weekend trip and cultural excursions

Students in the ESL program at UW-Stout also enjoy:

  • Experiencing American culture on a small, friendly campus
  • Taking day trips to local sites of interest
  • Getting involved in university sports and other activities
  • Using the local public transportation service
  • Paying bills easily and conveniently with the UW-Stout Student ID/credit card



UW-Stout Campus