Partnership Projects

Below are some examples of the collaborations between UW-Stout Discovery Center and its partners:

Current Projects:

Yum Tum

Advancing the Shelf Life of Yum Tum’s Organic Baby Food Selection

This project involved strengthening the shelf life and long term quality of this frozen healthy baby food.  The products that were involved in the research were Yum Tum’s organic baby food selections of Chic Pea Tummy Grub and Applykale. The research involved testing a range of natural plant materials to improve viscosity and reduce moisture within the food products. Additionally, multiple forms of packaging were studied to determine its impact on the baby food. A review of the nutritional elements of the products was also completed. UW-Stout’s Assistant Professor, Dr. Karunanithy Chinnadurai facilitated the faculty-student project. Amanda Linsmeier, a senior in Food Science and Technology worked with this project as her Senior Project. Graduate student in the Food Science program, Michelle Corcoran conducted an analysis of the healthy baby food selections.  




Worth Company, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Advancing the Manual Split Ring Assembly Machine

UW Stout Industrial Design students enrolled in the Design for Manufacture course taught by Dr. Whitney Nunnelly from the School of Art and Design participated in industry project working in partnership with Worth Company. The students are evaluating the existing manual spilt ring assembly machine, proposing design changes, and participate in the development of prototypes that will make the machine progressive, durable, and user friendly. Timothy Worth, Operations Director has sponsored a tour of the plant for students to assist them in better understanding the production processes and the user expectations for a manual split ring assembly. Students have created renderings, sketches and received ongoing feedback and insight from Tim as they refine their design drawings. Final digital presentations are scheduled that capture the design development process, features of the mechanical components, and benefits to the consumer/end user will be shared with their design solutions

HPIM0300 (1)

HPIM0300 (1)

 The District, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Designing the Interior of an Interactive Café

Working in collaboration with team of business partners (Arturo, Tim and Ben) to design a customized interior environment with selected pieces of furniture and displays that conveys a novel, creative, futuristic, interactive playful products within the lounge environment for a new interactive technology based café. The theme of the café is progressive, artistic, and cozy with emphasis placed on launching a new a franchise model.  The large faculty-student project is led by UW-Stout, Professor, Ben Pratt from the School of Art and Design and the team of students comprised of Julia Horner, interior design, Joel Kramka and Sam Wellskopf, industrial design.  Luke Myhers is heading up the construction of the designed furniture within the Fab Lab with assistance of Laurence Charlier. Students from the DES 345 Product Form Design Class created the innovative decorative displays for products, coats and general shelving with some students using the Fab Lab equipment to create the customized displays.  





Sussex IM, Sussex, Wisconsin

Examine the Shelf Life of Food Products Using a New Extruded Container (BPA-Free Product)

This study examines a new product , Mr. Lid  (1/2 cup, 1 cup, 2 cup and 4 cup) and its potential impacts on the shelf life of two different cereals, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Kashi, Heart to Heart, Honey Toasted Oat. Additional studies are being conducted on feta cheese examining Mr. Lid in comparison to current packaging. The UW-Stout’s faculty-student projects are being facilitated by Assistant Professor Karunanithy from Food and Nutrition andAssistant Professor, Joongmin Shin, Packaging. The Food Science graduate students include Kurtis Drager and Katie Shafer and Packaging students of  Aaron Schweitzer, James Engel and Michelle Fetzer.  




CTL Foods, Colfax Wisconsin 
Advance Product Commercialization of Flavored Malt Beverage Line This project began by a team representing the management from CTL Foods participating in Export Tech through the Northwest Manufacturing Outreach Center in fall of 2012. With an export plan in place, a team from UW-Stout has worked under the leadership of Linda Schwend from CTL, to advance the line of new innovative creamy malt flavors which include Dulce de Leche, Strawberry with Chocolate Chucks, and Sea Salt Chocolate in order to reach the goals set for exporting the food products within Mexico, Canada and India. The first set of flavors will move into Mexico, Canada and be domestically distributed. The project has involved designing a brand image, logo, refining the properties of the products and providing guidance on the marketing. Taking the lead in designing the brand image and logo is UW-Stout’s Associate Professor Nagesh Shinde, from the School of Art and Design working with two students Mackenzie Owens, and Mai Lo Thao. The team has developed an image and photographed models to capture an Americana theme for the containers. From the University of Eau-Claire Department of Management and Marketing Dr. Julia Pennington and her student Nouha Abardazzou have guided the formation of a global marketing plan. A graduate student from UW-Stout Food Science Program Katie Schafer has refined the properties of the creamy malt flavors and conducted focus groups to get feedback on the product being developed. 



Children's Museum of Eau Claire

Under the Wisconsin Sky
Project Mission: To engage museum visitors in the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feel of camping in Wisconsin
Faculty Researchers: Sylvia Tiala, Jennifer Astwood



Design Concepts of a Propane Lawn Mower
Project Mission: To upgrade one of the lawnmowers in the Fiskars line and to create design concepts for a user friendly lawnmower which delivers the brand promise of Fiskars and its tagline "empowering simplicity"
Faculty Researcher: Noah Norton