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  • The Discovery Center FABLAB is a workshop for creative, high-tech innovators and people who have a need to design, prototype and build things. 
  • UW-Stout was a partner in a NSF funded Fab Lab research project from 2006-2010. This research was the foundation for the Discovery Center FABLAB currently under development. Partially funded through a UW System Growth Agenda award, the Discovery Center FABLAB will provide open access to students from all UW-Stout programs, further bolstering the Discovery Center's facilitation of collaborative, multi-disciplinary efforts.
  • The FABLAB provides access to a variety of tools, including computer-aided design and desktop manufacturing technologies, to help bring your ideas to life.


  • Digital Fabrication Laboratories, or Fab Labs, were introduced in 2002 as a NSF funded educational outreach project from MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms. Combining multi-disciplinary input with open-source software, off-the-shelf and industrial-grade technologies in a communal setting, Fab Labs enable users to define problems and prototype solutions.
  • The open Fab Lab environment removes barriers, such as access to equipment and technology, while serving as an incubator for applied research, innovation, job creation and economic development. 
  • Over the past ten years, MIT and its partners have helped advance the Fab Lab network world wide.

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