Dr. Bertram Ezenwa - Research Interests

The long term objective of my current research, in revision arthroplasty, is continued development of a method to prevent collateral damage during prosthetic hip revision arthroplasty. This is a clinical problem that is being addressed using a multi-disciplinary approach through a physiological system model, and theoretical and experimental methods. The long-term objective of this research is innovative dislodge of hip prosthesis without damage to the soft and hard bone tissues or re-deposition of residual PMMA. The goal is to reduce the procedure time drastically, save femur soft and hard tissues from collateral damage, and reduce patient recovery time. My other research focus is to prevent blood pooling when patients are unable to exercise due to immobilization, age, or medical condition. My goal is to develop external stimuli that could energize muscle fibers to effect muscle contraction, including contraction and release that will cause increased regional blood flow and prevent blood pooling. My third focus is on dynamic control of lower limb prosthetic socket interface pressure to overcome in real-time variation in prosthetic socket interface pressure. The goal is to predict interface pressure variations in real-time that occur during daily activities—such as running, jumping, leaning and lifting—and use embedded systems hardware and software to prevent registration on the amputee stump.

Most of my research revolves around specific demands from the medical community, and is geared to overcome unsolved practice problems. Models developed from physiologic subsystems with MIMICS by Materialise—modeled mathematically as physics problems, analyzed, simulated and verified in COMSOL multi-physics—are experimentally validated to observe the innovation phenomenon at the system level of performance.