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Brief Biography: I am an Assistant Professor in the College of Education, Health and Human Sciences. I have over 25 years of expertise in early childhood education, care and development in South Asia and I currently teach the following courses in the B.S. Early Childhood Program: ECE 105 - Infant and Toddler Education ECE 200 - Expressive Curriculum for the Young Child ECE 264 - Child Guidance in Pre/K ECE 435 - Children, Families, Schools and Communities Besides teaching, I am a supervisor and advisor for early childhood student teachers and also involved in the following research projects: Collaborative Thematic research- "Preparing early childhood educators to understand the child-in-cultural-context" The Hegemony Project Infusing Diversity

Teaching Interests: My teaching interest is based on developing high-quality curriculum content for teachers of young children. I want my students to gain a deeper understanding about the 'child' in the cultural context they come from so that they are able to create a meaningful definition for diversity at a global level.

Research Interests: My research interests are in the areas of diversity, equity and quality in Early Childhood Educational policies and practice. My most recent research project is a collaborative study with two other U.S. Universities that aim to 'understand the child in cultural context' through video documentation as the methodology for data collection. The research study is based on four diverse contexts (United States, Nepal, Nicaragua and Palestine) from where video footage is being documented for analysis in later phases of the research. This research aims at contributing curricula content for teacher education through analyzing video documentation of early childhood educational centers at work in Nicaragua, United States and Nepal. The outcomes of the research is being documented and will eventually appear as a book chapter in the book titled "Collaborative Cross Cultural Research Methodologies in Diverse Early Care and Education Contexts” (S. Madrid, M. J. Moran, R. Brookshire, and M. Buchanan Eds.)

Professional Interests: My professional interest is to develop critical thinking skills through an inquiry based pedagogy. I believe self-guided learning increases motivation and leads towards developing reasoning skills. I encourage my students to work independently while continuing to question, reason, analyze and rationalize any information they acquire.