Phone 715-232-5412
Office 470D Harvey Hall

I am an educator, evaluator & facilitator. I work in a campus office called Catalyst (formerly ARC Evaluation). I work with clients across the country to help them do mission-driven work that is informed by good planning & sound data. We take a human-centered approach to strategic planning, facilitation, & evaluation. We also conduct workshops and provide personalized coaching for evaluators and others in the information economy.
I am also the Program Director for the MS Applied Psychology program where we have concentrations in I/O Psychology & Evaluation. I work closely with the students in the program to ensure that meet their degree requirements and get the professional development they need to be successful in their careers. Our graduates are incredibly successful and that’s what drives me to show up every day for the current students!
I teach Professional Standards and Ethics in our online Evaluation Studies and Institutional Research graduate certificates. I am also a current member (2020-2022) of the American Evaluation Association Board of Directors.