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Office 126E Jarvis Hall-Science Wing

Brief Biography

Teaching experience at both undergraduate and graduate levels with students diverse in age, preparedness, socio-economical status and ethnicity. Teaching experience in physics, biology and neuroscience courses. Teaching competence includes areas of Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Thermodynamics, Optics, Cognitive Neuroscience, Introductory Neuroscience, Human Anatomy and Physiology, among others. Success in developing new courses, new programs (majors) and minors, course curricula and laboratories as well as integrating student-centered teaching methods in the classroom. Experience working with undergraduate students on a variety of independent study experiences including research, peer mentoring and project management.

Teaching Interests: Primary teaching interests include conceptual physics courses, both algebra- and calculus-based introductory physics courses and interdisciplinary courses between physics and neuroscience (e.g. neurophysics). Topics of interest include mechanics, optics, electricity and magnetism, waves and sound, neuroscience and independent work with students.

Research Interests: Research interests lie in two disciplines. One interest is in developing undergraduate research experiences and projects in neural control and plasticity, utilizing behavioral studies in the human oculomotor (eye movement) system. A current focus is examining the cognitive and neurophysiological impacts of sports-related repetitive head impacts using eye-movement characteristics. A second interest is in physics education and the impact of various teaching and learning techniques and outcomes. Much of this work is done in my own classroom exploring different assessment methods, engagement methods and assignments. Finally, I have in interest in how introducing physics in the elementary school classroom impacts school-aged children’s interest in science. This is explored through a service-learning project I do in my introduction to physics classroom where students go into the local elementary school and engage for a physics lesson.

Professional Interests: Professional interests include serving the institution as a strong educator and advocate for the student experience. My service and professional development focus has been in areas that serve the student.