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University Dining Service
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University Dining Service has three types of dining plans, each designed to meet specific needs.

  • On-Campus Students: Baseline
  • Off-Campus Students & Faculty/Staff: Flexline and Block Plan

Check Out Our Newest Video and get a Snapshot of University Dining Service & Baseline Plan

 How are purchases made?


 For each meal or a la carte purchase you present your Stout Blue Card where the appropriate amount will be electronically subtracted from your account. Your Baseline account balance will be displayed each time a purchase is made.

Because the only access to your account is via your Stout Blue Card it is mandatory you present your card to the cashier each time you make a purchase with your account. 

Stout Blue Cards are non-transferable for your protection.

Stout Blue Card & Dining Plan Use

The Stout Blue Card is necessary to access all dining account information. It must be presented to the cashier at all locations to use your dining plan. Guests may be treated using the Stout Blue Card, but the card must be presented by the owner. The card is non-transferable to protect the account holder. The reduced Baseline pricing in dining areas is available only on purchases for a Baseline plan member.


Dietary Concerns

UDS employs a registered dietitian to assist students with special dietary needs, nutrition issues or food allergies. The dietitian can be reached at 715-232-3599 or can be contacted through the "Nutrition Done Right" tab on the left. This service is free to Baseline Plan participants.