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To enter the database, click on the " Plate Analysis" button.


Tour of Home Page:

When you click the button, it will take you to our "Plate Analysis" database, where you can obtain information on:

  • Dining locations - clicking on these will take you to today's menu for that location.
  • Cell phone-friendly webpage - on the right you'll see a link to a cell phone-friendly version of this database.
  • Today's Tips - on the right there are interesting tips to check out daily!
  • Choose My Plate - link will take you to the Website

Choose the dining location:

Pick where you plan to eat or where you've already eaten.
This will bring you to this weeks menu for that location

Which would you like to do first?

(click your choice below to find out how)

Analyze Your Plate

  1. Choose the meal you wish to analyze by clicking on the apple next to it. This will bring up the list of foods served at that meal.
  2. When you check the box on the left of the foods listed, it fills the Quantity column with a "1" for that food item. If you ate or think you might eat more than 1 portion you can fill in the quantity with the correct amount.
    • The portion sizes will help you determine how many quantities you might have eaten or plan on eating.
    • To view specific nutrition info, click directly on the food item. Click "back" to return to the menu page.
  3. Click on "Show Report" at the bottom of the page to view the nutrition information for the entire meal you logged.

Choose a different day

The days with available Menus are displayed on the left side. Just click on the day you'd like to see.

Find your favorite food!

Already know what you want? Use the search bar to find when your favorite food will be served and where. You can click on "More Options" to limit your search to just one location or a certain day.

Find Vegetarian Alternatives

You can do this two different ways:

  1. Use the "Set filters" button at the top right of the page, to choose to show only vegetarian options
  2. Look for the image shown next to the food items that labels it vegetarian.
    1. The vegetarian label and others can be found on the legend.

Filter the Menu for allergens, intolerances, etc.

  1. Click "Set filters" at the upper right corner. Here you can choose to see the food on the menu that either contains or does not contain certain allergens or other preferences
  2. Click on "Apply" to view the menu with your filters
  3. To see the full menu again, click "Clear filters" at the upper right corner.
  4. To change your filters, click "Modify filters" also at the upper right corner.

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