State Authorizations

State Authorization Documentation


Approval Received from State 9/6/2012. Second application in progress.


In compliance.

Exempt per letter in file 05/25/11  Follow up on internships sent 7/12/13.


In compliance. Based on the information provided in your letter, the operation of all the institutions listed would not require licensure by this Board at this time. Persons who are not operating private postsecondary programs under the Board’s jurisdiction are not required by law to obtain a statement of exemption or waiver from the Board. Similarly, the Board is not required to issue statements of exemption or waiver. (UW System)


Regulates all areas: Fees schedule is extensive for $500/degree; $100/course etc. Application in progress.


In compliance. Public institutions and institutions with no physical presence in California are not required to seek approval to operate in California. Exempt per email on file 7/11/12.


In compliance. Approval Received from State 10/21/11.


In compliance. Approval Received from State 11/22/11.


In compliance. Approval Received from State 05/11/12.

District of Columbia

In general compliance.



In general compliance. Approval Received from State 10/25/11. Faculty can monitor internships only.


In compliance. No further action required to provide online,  distance, or correspondence education to Georgia residents.


In compliance.


In compliance. UW-System requested exemption 11/23/11. Approval Received from State 7/23/12.


In compliance. Approval Received from State 7/11/12.


In compliance. Approval Received from State 6/25/12.


Application in process.


At this time, the University of Wisconsin-Stout does not need to apply with the Kansas Board of Regents for a Certificate of Approval. Should the school significantly increase its Kansas enrollments, decide to direct market to Kansas residents (including email campaigns to Kansas teachers), or hire faculty that reside and teach within Kansas, we ask that you contact our office to begin the process of applying for a Certificate of Approval. Please note, Kansas statutes also requires institutions be approved to operate should their programs require an externship, internship, mentorship or clinical be completed in the state of Kansas. Compliant except for internships 6/15/12.


Thank you for your message dated today, November 28, 2011.Based upon your certification that the University of Wisconsin-Stout is not engaging in any of the “operating or soliciting” activities listed in the licensing regulation 13 KAR 1:020 Section 1(8)(a)-(e), licensure is not required at this time.  Compliant except for internships 7/11/12. Full application in progress.


Application in progress.


Approval Received from State 11/7/11.  Follow up on internships resent 7/12/13.


In general compliance. Application in progress for internships offered.


General compliance. “Request for initial licensure: $10,000 plus $2,000 for each degree requested at the same time if more than one plus $4,000 annual fee for the first five years following initial licensure. Correspondence continuing for clarification of need for application.


In compliance. Approval or licensure by the State of Michigan is not required to provide online instruction to Michigan residents unless the school has a physical presence in the state. Physical presence does not include conducting courses such as internships, clinicals, practicum’s, etc.  An institution having faculty working from the state requires approval if the institution wishes to incorporate or file a certificate of authority to operate. Advertising is allowed without approval or licensure.  Student recruiters that work in the state must be registered unless the institution is authorized to award bachelor degrees or higher by its home state. Exempt - no change.


In compliance. UW-Stout is registered as a public institution with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, sections 136A.61 to 136A.71. Registration is not an endorsement of the institution. Credits earned at the institution may not transfer to all other institutions.


In compliance. Approval Received from State 7/2/12.


Application in progress. Regulations have changed since first approval. General Approval Received from State 1/9/12.


In compliance. Approval Received from State 5/12/12.


In compliance. Approval Received from State 5/21/12.


In compliance. Approval Received from State 6/6/12.

New Hampshire

In general compliance. Need to apply for full approval of internships, externships, practicums or clinicals. If your institution only offers online education to New Hampshire residents, but does not otherwise satisfy the physical presence definition, there is no requirement for you to go through an authorization process with our Commission. Internships and/or practicums are not exempt. If your students, online or otherwise, are in the State of New Hampshire for the purpose of completing internships, externships, practicums or clinicals, you need to submit a written request for Administrative Approval (Pos 1008) and a $500 fee (Pos 1009). Application for Internships $500. Full application in progress.

New Jersey

In compliance. Approval Received from State 10/27/11.

New Mexico

In general compliance. Full application in progress.

Therefore, public out-of-state  institutions are given a one year waiver from meeting this  New  Mexico statutory requirement until  June 30, 2013.  This waiver  is only from  NMHED  and  does  not  exempt  any  institution or  program  from  any  other New Mexico Department, Board, School, or Institutional requirement. Waiver until 6/30/13 - Follow up sent 7/10/13.  $4000 application fees due to internship trigger.

New York

In compliance.

In short, you DO NOT need to apply for approval from the NYS Education Department if your institution merely: 1) communicates electronically with students in New York State (e.g., by computer or broadcast) in ways that do NOT involve an instructional site or an organized group activity; 2) Advertises in New York State media; 3) Recruits students, e.g., at college fairs, job fairs, or tradeshows; 4) Conducts alumni activities within the State, such as alumni clubs. Request for clarification, application, exemption, and fees to hold internships 7/10/13.

North Carolina

In general compliance. Full application in process.

The Board of Governors has made the following determinations in the past regarding online post-secondary degree activity:  • Activities which require licensure: practicums, clinical experiences, and student teaching. • Activities which do not require licensure: proctored exams, attendance at college fairs, adjunct faculty residing in North Carolina and teaching an online course. Request for clarification, application, exemption, and fees to hold internships 7/10/13. Application in progress.

North Dakota

In compliance. Approval Received from State 3/15/12.


In general compliance. Full application in progress.


Sent letter requesting exemption. We are required to obtain program authorization for: 2) The online program contains a component (e.g., student teaching, clinical placement, practicum) that will be completed in Ohio;  If students in the program would want to add the reading endorsement to their license, you could be approved for the endorsement by meeting the standards found here (and using form B found here -   

Regardless of whether you choose to seek approval for the endorsement, the program would still need to seek authorization from the Ohio Board of Regents in order to offer the clinical component here in Ohio. Request for clarification, application, exemption, and fees to hold internships 7/10/13.



Current policy does not require institutions outside of Oklahoma to be licensed or authorized by the OSRHE to offer courses or academic programs that will be delivered exclusively through an online format absent of a physical presence.  However, additional information is requested in order to determine the extent of the University of Wisconsin-Stout’s (UW-Stout) physical presence.  Your response should include: 1) Information pertaining to proctored exams and experiential student learning activities (e.g., externship, internship, clinical, practica, etc.) that may be required; 2) Whether the UW-Stout will have administrators or adjunct faculty oversight for these requirements within the state; 3) If learning activities are required, please explain the logistics associated with identifying a site and any administrative oversight for the learning activity (i.e., is the onus on the student or UW-Stout to identify the site and formalize any agreement);  4) Please indicate what the level of involvement the site employees will have in evaluating the student’s academic performance during the learning activity; and 5) Please include information on whether the UW-Stout employs, or will employ, Oklahoma residents as adjunct faculty and whether these faculty members will convene students residing in Oklahoma for any reason. Follow up sent to define our internship/procedure and definition. 


Application in progress.

All institutions wishing to have documented state approval to offer online degree programs and courses to Oregon students from outside the state must submit a complete application (using the Initial Approval Request form) which will be reviewed by ODA to determine whether the school is eligible for exemption or subject to state authorization under Oregon rules. Follow up and application resent 7/12/13.


In compliance. Approval Received from State 1/20/12 &10/22/12  Follow up sent 7/12/13  6/30/13.

Rhode Island

In general compliance. If UW-Stout does not have a physical presence in Rhode Island, no further action on your part is required.  Need to apply if offering a coop or internship that involves paid employees/reps from UW-Stout. Clarification of paid employee location was sent 7/12/13.

South Carolina

In compliance. The SC Commission on Higher Education is the administering agency of the Nonpublic Postsecondary Institution License Act. The Commission does not have jurisdiction where institutions enroll SC residents into online courses or programs where the institution does not conduct activities defined as operating or soliciting in South Carolina. Compliant/Exempt.

South Dakota

In compliance.

As per Eduventures report published 11/2012 South Dakota does not regulate any of the physical presence triggers at this time.  Follow up email sent to confirm 7/12/13.  Approval received 7/15/13.


In compliance.

If after reviewing the following explanation, you believe that your institution does not engage in any activity requiring authorization, no further action by your institution is required. However, if you believe that your institution should obtain authorization, you must submit an Initial Authorization Application.  Obtaining “Authorization Not Needed” Letter: On March 17, 2011, the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) released a Dear Colleague Letter, GEN-11-05, regarding implementation of the program integrity regulations. Follow up requesting additional information or change was requested on 7/12/13.


In compliance.

December 8, 2011  This memo is to inform you that the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has approved new distance education regulations regarding Chapter 7 of the Texas Administrative Code:  DEGREE GRANTING COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES OTHER THAN TEXAS PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS that are now in effect. The Coordinating Board considers exempt those institutions that are accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the Board and that have no physical presence as defined in 7.3 (29). No further action is required. Per email 8/1812.


Application in progress.

Need to file application to obtain and renew a certificate of exemption, at  $1500 application fee.


In compliance.

No physical presence in VT — no need to register.


In compliance.

If an out-of-state institution does not plan to operate a facility in Virginia and/or the mechanism by which instruction is initiated (server) is not located within Virginia, the school does not meet Virginia’s criterion of physical presence. No Change.


In general compliance. Full application in progress.

On that basis, it is the determination of the Higher Education Coordinating Board that authorization by our agency is not required.  Follow up on requirements/costs involved to have internships sent 7/12/13  Application to fill out was received 7/13.

West Virginia

General compliance. Full application in progress.

Since physical presence has not been established, authorization to offer online programs to West Virginia residents is not required. “As per Eduventures report Published 11/2012 West Virginia does not regulate any of the physical presence triggers at this time.  Follow up email sent 7/12/13.  EMAIL as NOTIFICATION: Any internship or clinical completed in West Virginia would trigger physical presence and would be subject to authorization.  In addition, there is a new fee of $500. Mark W. Stotler, Ed.D. Director of Academic Programming West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission.


In compliance.


Application in progress.


Email Bounced 6/2/12. bounced again 6/14/12. Sent webmaster note requesting contact. Email resent to request authorization. Application received 7/15/13.

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