Renee Chandler, Interim Director
715.232.1666, Swanson Library Learning Center 208

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Renee serves as interim director for both Stout Online and the Graduate School. As interim director for Stout Online, she acts as an advocate for systematic coordination of customized instruction programs within the university and generally oversees the unit operation.

Amy Gullixson, Interim Associate Director     
715.232.2253; Voc Rehab 140G  

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Amy manages all personnel, programs and budgets for Stout Online, as well as serving as the customized instruction liaison with the other campus service areas (i.e. library, student business services, advising, and registration). She also works collaboratively with staff, faculty, program directors, and administrators for customized instruction courses and programs. She provides advisement and support to students, faculty, staff, and program directors on all matters related to customized instruction.


Sandy White, Outreach Program Manager
715.232.1610, Voc Rehab 140E

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Sandy works closely with the deans, department chairs, program directors and faculty in all UW-Stout colleges, managing courses, staffing, marketing and other needs in support of the credit outreach programs. These professional development programs may be delivered via distance, on-campus or at off-campus locations. She also provides management services for some customized instruction degree programs, certificates and certifications in the College of Education, Hospitality, Health and Human Sciences (CEHHHS) and the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Management (CSTEMM). Sandy works collaboratively with the UW-Extension Collaborative Language Programs (CLP), UW-Stout College of Arts, Communication, Humanities and Social Sciences (CACHSS) and Office of International Education to offer Arabic, Chinese, German, Hmong and Russian courses at UW-Stout via interactive television.

Julia Tronnier, Adult Student Services Coordinator
715.232.5440, Voc Rehab 140F

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Julia schedules and maintains the general education courses offered though UW-Stout for students in online bachelor's degree programs. She collaborates with UW-Extension on the Sustainable Management bachelor's, master's and two certificate programs. In addition she works with the program directors to serve the students in the Career and Technical Education bachelor's and master's programs and the EdS in Education, as well as the blended secondary education programs and the Sustainable Management programs.

Mandy Wolbert, Adult Student Services Coordinator
715.232.5623, Voc Rehab 158

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Mandy collaborates with program directors, department chairs and administrators for the following customized instruction degree programs: BS Golf Enterprise Management, BS Management, BS Special Education, and MS Training and Human Resource Development; as well as for the following customized instruction certificate programs: Organization Development & Consulting, Quality Management, and Training Design, Development & Evaluation. Mandy offers orientation, advisement, advice and support to current and prospective students on all matters related to customized instruction; as well as develops and tracks recruitment and retention efforts.


Sara Anger, Adult Student Services Coordinator
715.232.5482, Voc Rehab 140A

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Sara collaborates with program directors, department chairs and administrators, and provides advice and orientation to students for these customized instruction programs: Bachelor in Applied Arts and Sciences, BS in Digital Marketing Technology, BS in Engineering Technology - Production Operations, BS in Engineering Technology - Mechanical Design, BS in Information & Communication Technologies, BS in Manufacturing Engineering, BS in Professional Communication & Emerging Media - Applied Communication, MS in Construction Management, MS in Information & Communication Technologies, MS in Manufacturing Engineering, MS in Operations & Supply Management, MS in Technical & Professional Communication, PSM in Conservation Biology and PSM in Industrial & Applied Mathematics, as well as for these certificate programs: CISCO Certified Network Associate Exam Preparation, CISCO Certified Network Professional Exam Preparation, Communicating with Emerging Media, Enterprise Technology, Health Communications, Improving the User Experience, Social Work Professional and Web Technology. In addition, Sara tracks customized instruction student recruitment, retention and completion data, and manages Stout Online's social media.

Jamison Patrick, Instructional Designer
715.232.5501, Voc Rehab 112

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Jamison designs and develops customized instruction courses with subject matter experts from across all campus disciplines. He also manages a team of student assistants that aid in the design process. In addition to directing Stout Online’s instructional design program, Jamison provides professional development opportunities to online instructors as well as staff. Jamison and his team strive for innovation in their activities, collaboration with university partners, and professional exchanges with like national and international units.

Danae Cowell, Online Accessibility Professional
715.232.5501, Voc Rehab 112

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Danae manages the accessibility audit pilot for Stout Online's instructional design program. She oversees and works collaboratively with a student-team to ensure that online course media and content is accessible for all student-learners by following 508 guidelines and testing against UW-Stout's common assistive technologies.

Toni Burger, Office Management
715.232.2693, Voc Rehab 140

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Toni fields phone, online chat and email inquiries, and manages general office functions necessary to support the UW-Stout Online and Credit Outreach office. She also coordinates course resources and billings for customized instruction sections, is editor of the e-newsletter and manages the adjunct instructor pool database.

Barb Larrabee, Budget Manager and Instructor Support
715.232.5410, Voc Rehab 140

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Barb manages the budget processes for UW-Stout Online. In addition, she initiates, processes and tracks all documentation for instructor payroll, including instructor contracts and payments, accommodation of instructor special needs and instructor travel.

Ann Zielieke, Curriculum Management
715.232.2698, Voc Rehab 140

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Working with program managers, Ann sets up all customized instruction and credit outreach courses, and processes changes.

Darci Ward, Registration Support
715.232.5167, Bowman 109

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Darci provides registration and records support to distance education, credit outreach and customized instruction students.

Vicki Anderson, Registration Support
715.232.2485, Bowman 109

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Vicki provides registration and records support to distance education, credit outreach and customized instruction students.

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