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"First Steps" are the tasks new students MUST complete before they may be fully registered at UW-Stout, whether self-registering or registering through Registration and Records | UW Stout Online. 

All students are required to complete these steps if they are new to UW-Stout. Some students who are returning after stopping out for a Fall or Spring semester or more will have to repeat these steps as well.

Your First Steps consist of:
  1. Activating your username and setting up your password.
  2. Setting up your My Mail student email account.
  3. Locating and logging into Access Stout for the first time.
  4. Completing the FPA requirement (financial payment agreement) in Access Stout.
  5. Completing the eRefund requirement in Access Stout.

After you complete the steps above and are registered, you can access your courses in the steps outlined in 6. Learn@UWStout. Progress through each tab in numerical order to complete all of the "First Steps" necessary to get registered.


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