Curriculum Record

Official Curriculum Records of the University

Following approval, curriculum databases are updated and final documentation is imaged by the Provost's Office. This is considered the official curriculum record. 

Databases and imaged records are the basis for verifying official status of curriculum both within the university and with agencies outside of the university, such as UW System Administration or accrediting agencies.

Records of all curriculum offerings are also to be maintained within the offices officially designated to house the offerings. Once approved, records are not to be changed unless routed through the required approval process.

A PowerPoint is available for program directors, department chairs and support staff that demonstrates access to curriculum documents. 

Imaged documents include:

Course documents

  • New course proposals
  • Revisions
  • Special course fee forms


Program documents

  • New program development
  • Program revisions
  • Some program plan sheets
  • Five-year reviews
  • PRC reviews
  • Assessments
  • Accreditation