2016-2017 Meeting Schedule

  • Submit proposals and additional materials via Curriculog. The GE Committee must approve GE course and program revisions prior to CIC consideration.
  • All meetings are on Fridays from 2:30 to 4:00.
Meeting Date
Meeting Room
Submission Date
Sept. 2Northwoods, MSC
Friday, Aug. 26
Oct. 7Northwoods, MSCFriday, Sept. 30
Nov. 4
Northwoods, MSC
Friday, Oct. 28
Dec. 2
Northwoods, MSC
Friday, Nov. 25
Jan. 20  Glass Lounge, PRCM Friday, Dec. 30 
Feb. 3
Glass Lounge, PRCMFriday, Jan. 27
Mar. 3Glass Lounge, PRCMFriday, Feb. 24
Apr. 14
Glass Lounge, PRCM
Friday, Mar. 31
May 5
Friday, Apr. 28