2016-2017 CIC Meeting Schedule

During the academic year, CIC meets from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m. if necessary.


Click on meeting date to load a pdf with agenda, minutes, and materials.

Meeting Date

Submission Date


Thursday, Sept. 22*
Friday, Sept. 2
STUC White Pine
Thursday, Oct. 20 Friday, Sept. 30
STUC Willow/Walnut
Thursday, Nov. 17
Friday, Oct. 28
STUC Cedarwood
Thursday, Dec. 15
Friday, Nov. 25
STUC Cedarwood
Thursday, Jan. 26 Friday, Dec. 30
STUC Cedarwood
Thursday, Feb. 16 Friday, Jan. 27
STUC Cedarwood
Thursday, Mar. 30*
Friday, Mar. 3
STUC Willow/Walnut
Thursday, Apr. 20
Friday, Mar. 31
STUC Cedarwood
Thursday, May 18
Friday, Apr. 28
STUC Cedarwood

 Curriculum Approval Guide   



Course submitted via Curriculog by   Department Chair to College for approval

CIC approval no later than


Deadline for Associate Vice Chancellor (AVC)  approval of courses (includes One/Two Time   Only, Special Topic)


Deadline for classes to be entered into   Access Stout by Department


At least one month prior to CIC meeting


February meeting


February 28




March 15


May meeting


August 31




September 15


September meeting


September 30




October 15


December meeting


December 30




January 15

Please see how to submit proposals and revisions here >

College Deans' offices should submit electronic copies of course and program proposals via e-mail to Tricia Aspen (aspenp@uwstout.edu) in the Provost's Office by the submission date for inclusion on the CIC agenda. Prior to presenting curriculum items to the CIC, approval from all other relevant committees (listed below) is required. Changes from those committees must be noted on the proposal prior to CIC consideration. Please call x2424 if you have any questions.

For revisions to General Education, Racial/Ethnic Studies, or Global Perspective courses, submit electronic copies to Tricia Aspen for approval prior to submission to CIC.

For revisions to graduate courses and graduate programs, submit electronic copies of proposals to Jeanne Stoeklen in the Graduate School Office. See the Graduate Education Committee website for details.