Services Offered

A coupleServices are $10 per meeting ($3 Medical Assistance), and include but are not limited to:

  • Family Therapy
  • Couple/Marital Therapy
  • Individual Therapy for Children and Adults
  • Domestic Partner Therapy
  • Divorce/Post-Divorce Adjustment
  • Mental Health (e.g.: ADHD, depression, anxiety, thought, behavioral, personality, etc.)
  • Trauma, Grief and Loss
  • Communication/Conflict Resolution
  • Prolonged Parent or Partner Separation
  • Parent Counseling/Parent Education
  • Individualized Premarital Classes
  • Child Emotional/Behavioral Problems at Home or School (including bullying)
  • Single Parenting and Step or Blended Family
  • Intimate Violence (Child or Couple Sex Abuse or Physical Violence)
  • Sex Therapy
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Early Intervention for Youth/Young Adult Offender


Furthermore, School Psychology Master's Program students are available to assess ($100/complete assessment):

  • Gifted and Talented Assessment
  • Assessment and/or Updated Documentation of Potential Learning Disability
  • Assessment of Potential Cognitive Disability

Contact Information

Clinical Services Center
221 Vocational Rehabilitation Bldg.
221 10th Avenue E.
(715) 232-2404