Stalking Safety Plan

There is no guarantee that if you follow all, or some, of these strategies that you will be safe; however, implementing these strategies may reduce your odds of physical or emotional harm from your stalker.

If You Are in Immediate Danger:

Go to one of the following places:

  • Police stations;
  • Residences of family/friends (location unknown to perpetrators);
  • Domestic violence shelters or local churches, etc.; and/or
  • Public areas (stalkers may be less inclined toward violence or creating a disturbance in public places).
  • Call 911 (police)
  • It is advised that as much caution as possible always be exercised when directly confronting the offender, as stalking sometimes escalates into violence.

If You Are Not In Immediate Danger:

If you believe that you are at risk for being in a potentially harmful or violent situation, the following options may be considered:

   1. Restraining or Protective Orders

Generally, these court orders require the offender to stay away from and not interfere with you. If violated, the person may be immediately arrested. Restraining orders are not foolproof -- they often do not extend beyond certain lines of jurisdiction, and can only be enforced if they are broken. You should be cautioned against developing a false sense of security. Moreover, it often costs money to obtain such an order due to the cost of filing fees, or in some courts and jurisdictions, the need of obtaining legal assistance.

The police, Bridge to Hope, Victim Witness Program or Campus Violence Prevention Program can assist you in obtaining one of these orders.

Illegal Acts

You may determine that the stalker has broken the law by entering your residence without your permission, stealing and/or destroying your property, physically and/or sexually assaulting you etc.

If so, these acts may be punishable. Notifying police of illegal acts may be important for the following reasons:

  1. If convicted, the stalker may be incarcerated and/or ordered to stay away from you;
  2. Charges may intimidate the offender, sending the message that his/her actions are illegal and will not be tolerated; and
  3. Notifying the police produces documentation, which may be useful in a future complaint for evidentiary or credibility purposes.

Preventive Measures

  • If you cannot account for all keys, change locks and secure spare keys.
  • If possible, install adequate outside lighting. Trim back bushes and vegetation around residence or ask your landlord to do this.
  • Maintain an unlisted phone number. If harassing calls persist, notify local law enforcement, but also keep a written log of harassing calls and any answering machine tapes of calls with the stalker's voice and messages.
  • Treat any threats as legitimate and inform law enforcement immediately.
  • Vary travel routes, stores and restaurants, etc., which are regularly used. Limit time walking, jogging, etc.
  • Inform a trusted neighbor and/or friends about the situation. Provide them with a photo or description of the suspect and any possible vehicles he/she may drive.
  • If residing in an apartment with an on-site property manager, provide the manager with a picture of the suspect.
  • Have co-workers screen all calls and visitors.
  • When out of the house or work environment, try not to travel alone if at all possible, and try to stay in public areas. If you ever need assistance, yell "fire" to get immediate attention, as people more readily respond to this cry for assistance than to any other.

Steps to Keeping Safe in Case of Stalking

This plan can be used if you are being stalked. There is another plan available to fill out that is for Domestic or Dating Violence. Click on: Domestic or Dating Violence Safety Plan.

We encourage you to complete this form with someone you trust and print this page and keep it with you. You may want to highlight the information below and copy and paste it into a Word Document.

(By the National Center for Victims of Crimes)

Standard safety checklist to be completed:

  1. If I believe I am being stalked, I will tell ___________________ and request assistance in obtaining help.
    (List names/ phone # of trusted people)
  2. I will report the incidents of stalking to ___________________.
    (This should be name/phone # for police etc.)
  3. If I believe I am in imminent danger I will ___________________.
    (This should list ideas of where you can go or who you can call. It is best to dial 911).
  4. When my stalker calls me I will ___________________.
    (Make sure to write down the date/time/details of the call. Save the message if one is left.)
  5. When my stalker emails me I will ___________________.
    (Make sure to keep a copy of all email messages sent from the stalker. It is best not to email the stalker.)
  6. When my stalker shows up at my home, school or place of employment, I will ___________________.
    (Dial 911 if you have a Protection Order.)
  7. When my stalker sends me something in the mail I will ___________________.
    (It is best not to open the package and bring it to the police immediately).
  8. I will keep all the emails and any other documents from the stalker in ___________________.
  9. If my stalker has keys to my car/apartment I will ___________________.

Job/School and Public Safety

I can do the following:

  1. I can tell my boss, professors, and ___________________ at work/school about this situation.
  2. I can ask ___________________ to help screen my phone calls.
  3. When leaving work/school I can do the following: ___________________
  4. When I am driving home from work and/or school and problems arise, I can ___________________
  5. I will change my route to and from work, school, and other places I frequent.
  6. I will avoid places that I usually go to such as certain bars, school activities etc.

Filling a Protection Order

(The police can assist you with this.)

  • I will keep the protection order ___________________ (the location). Always keep the Order with you.
  • I will give my Protection Order to police departments in the areas that I visit my friends, family, where I live, work and attend school.
  • If my Protection Order gets destroyed, I know I can go to the County Courthouse and get another copy.
  • If my stalker violates the Protection Order, I will call the police and report it.