Alcohol Enforcement and Education

Highlighting the critical importance of student safety, health and well-being, the Chancellor has called on the campus community to intensify its efforts to curb student alcohol abuse and its negative consequences and to reinforce a campus culture that supports healthy choices that help students reach their full potential. A comprehensive plan designed to: 1) reduce high-risk alcohol use, 2) make it more acceptable to abstain from alcohol, 3) support student safety through institutional and cultural intolerance of alcohol abuse, and 4) address student misperceptions about campus drinking behavior.

 Key programs and initiatives include:

  • Broad implementation of evidence-based prevention methods that inspire students to reflect on and consider their drinking behaviors.
  • A comprehensive social norms marketing campaign.
  • Widespread communication of alcohol policies, sanctions and procedures to the campus.
  • Advance notice to students of possible sanctions--including those that could place student enrollment in jeopardy-- for high risk or repeated unhealthy or dangerous behaviors.
  • Education of all students on the impact alcohol violations and behaviors have on educational/career choices, study abroad, employment potential and other opportunities.
  • Parental notification when students engage in serious or repeated violations of alcohol policies or the law.
  • Collaboration with local agencies and law enforcement organizations to support frequent “party patrols” with strong sanctions for hosts.  
  • Comprehensive Web site with information on education, policies, statistics, resources, and programming related to alcohol.

We are counting on all students, parents and family members to partner with us as we strive to support an environment where the use of alcohol does not prevent students from realizing their highest potential of intellectual, physical and human development.