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Dunn County Clerk of Courts
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UW-Stout Alcohol Education Program
410 Bowman Hall
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UW-Stout Police
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Arbor Place
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The Dunn County, WI – Alcohol Awareness Program

For Drinking Age Law Convictions

Judges offer a reduction in fine and waive the loss of driver’s license penalty for those who agree to participate in the Alcohol Education: Safety Skills Class (AAPI) or an alcohol educational/assessment called the Drinker’s Check-up (DCU). 

UW-Stout Program for First-Offense Convictions: 

Alcohol Education – Safety Skills Training Classes (AAPI) 

    • For upcoming class dates and registration, call 715-232-2468, or stop by the Counseling Center, 410 Bowman Hall
      • Fee: $80 for UW-Stout students & $90 for all others 
      • Fees: are due on the first day of class 
      • Non-Stout students: you must be 18 years old or older to attend campus classes 
      • Cancellation: you must give at least a 24 hour notice! 
      • No-shows: will be assessed an additional $10 when re-registering for this class

Note: UW-Stout’s AAPI can only be taken once. After completion of AAPI at UW-Stout, if an individual gets another Drinking Age Law Conviction UW-Stout students can complete the DCU process, and Non-students can attend Arbor Place, Inc. for the AAP. 

Arbor Place, 320 21st Street North, Menomonie, WI 54751
Call: (715) 235-4537

UW-Stout Program for Second-Offense Convictions: 

UW-Stout Drinker’s Check-up: an “Educational Assessment” (DCU) 

    • UW-Stout students only
      • Three one-hour meetings (minimum) with a counselor
      • Register: at the Counseling Center, 410 Bowman Hall, or call 715-232-2468 
      • Fee: $125.00 

Note: The DCU process can only be taken once. After completion of both AAPI and the DCU process at UW-Stout, if a UW-Stout gets another Drinking Age Law Conviction they can complete AAP3. After a UW-Stout student has completed APPI, DCU, AAP3 at UW-Stout and they received another Drinking Age Violation they will be referred off-campus for services.

What happens when you receive an Underage Drinking Citation? 

Updated: August 2012 

Issued a ticket and fine for consumption/possession: 
    • 1st Offense: $263.50 and 90 day driver’s license suspension
    • 2nd Offense: $389.50 and 180 day driver’s license suspension
    • 3rd Offense: $515.50 and 360 day driver’s license suspension 
Mandatory court appearance: 
    • Court orientation: Alcohol Awareness Program (AAP), drinking & the law, & what happens in court
    • Clerk of Courts reviews - Stipulation & Order: Plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest, &  indicate decision about participating in AAP
    • Pay UA fine in full by 4pm 
Benefits of participating in the AAP
        • Initial 1st offense fine reduced (from $263.50 to $200.50)
        • Avoid driver’s license suspension & $60 reinstatement fee
        • Decrease likelihood of insurance going up due to loss of driver’s license
        • Key Point: If participating in the AAP you must complete the education component by compliance date, or driver’s license will be suspended and full fine and reinstatement fee will be assessed.
Without participation in the AAP 
        • Initial 1st offense fine ($263.50)
        • Driver’s license revoked for 90 days minimum
        • $60 reinstatement fee charged after 90 day suspension
        • Insurance may go up due to loss of driver’s license
Cost difference: 
        • With participation in the AAP $280.50 
        • Without AAP $323.50
        • Total cost may increase if insurance rates increase
    • After court appearance: 

If a UW-Stout student UW-Stout’s conduct system will apply:

    • If cited in a Residence Hall, Housing conduct system will apply (based on BAC and number of incidents):
        • Meet with Hall Director where sanctions are discussed and based on Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) at time of citation and prior incidents.
          • Level 1: Hall Director hearing
          • Level 2: Peer Review Board hearing
          • Level 3: Administrative Hearing Board
        • For additional information contact University Housing at (715) 232-1121 or or review conduct section at
    • If outside of Residence Halls or Off-Campus, Dean of Students Office conduct system will apply:
        • Sanctions will be based on a case to case basis.
        • For additional information contact the Dean of Students Office at (715) 232-1181.

For more Information: Facts About Wisconsin's Drinking Laws

Arbor Place Programs for First & Second-Offense Conviction
320 21st Street North, Menomonie, WI 54751 - Call: (715) 235-4537