1. Activate your university email account and create a password

Reading your mail through the web is the preferred method, please note that your mail stays on the server. 

  • Activate your UW-Stout email account
  • Reset your email password
  • FAQs about using university email and password
You may call the ASK5000 Technology Help Desk at 715.232.5000 if you need further assistance.

2. Check your system

Complete the system checkup on this website, https://uwstout.courses.wisconsin.edu/ by clicking on the link that says: Check your system.

3. Check your screen resolution

If you are using an older computer and monitor, it may display things in a 'larger' format. This causes you to run out of room as you scroll left to right in Learn@UWStout. Try this: On your computer's desktop screen, right click Properties, then click on Settings. Increase the screen resolution to 1024x768.

4. Check your virus protection

Please make sure you are using some type of anti-virus, such as Microsoft Security Essentials, on your computer.

7. Log into Access Stout

Once you are registered, the process of billing and financial aid, if applicable, will begin.

Log into Access Stout using your UW-Stout username and password to:

View Course Schedule: To ensure you are enrolled in the correct course(s) and view information regarding course details and instructor, while in Access Stout go to Student Center > Academics > Course Schedule >Go > Select term > Continue.

View Billing Information: Currently, all billing notification will be sent to your UW-Stout email account. You must log into Access Stout to view your bill online. Student Business Services provides billing schedules and Financial Aid Office provides aid disbursement schedule.

Make a Personal Payment: You may pay online with a credit card or e-check by logging into Access Stout and under Finances > Self-Service > Student Center > Account Inquiry > Electronic Payments/Purchases tab.

To make a payment using VISA, contact Outreach Registration.

View Financial Aid Information: If you have applied for financial aid and have sent your results to UW-Stout, you may check the status by clicking on "Accept/Decline" Awards under "Finances" on your Student Center home page. Click the correct aid year and if you have been approved for financial aid it will be listed in your award package. Be sure to accept your award, fill in amounts and click "Submit." If your aid is still in process, there will be no financial aid data available. If there is no award available yet, check your "To Do" list on your Student Center home page. If the Financial Aid office needs paperwork from you to process your aid, it will be listed there. You may email the Financial Aid Office directly.

6. Learn to use D2L (Learn@UW-Stout)

Watch the animated tutorial. This will provide a brief overview of D2L (Learn@UW-Stout).

Student resources for using D2L (Learn@UW-Stout)

Currently, it takes D2L (Learn@UW-Stout) at least an "overnight" to auto-load you into your course(s). Therefore, if you were just put in the system today and registered for your course, you won't be able to log in until tomorrow at the earliest.

8. Activate your StoutOne/Student ID card

Activate your StoutOne/Student ID card through the campus card office.

You will need this activated if your are receiving financial aid refunds.